November 19, 2021

Tech Solutions to the Climate Change Challenge

Many of today’s climate-driven portfolios focus on the winners and losers from increased greenhouse gas emissions. But the scale and pace of Climate Change is unlikely to be solved without innovative technological advances—offering an unusual window of opportunity for patient capital.


Bernstein's Portfolio Manager Dureka Carrasquillo highlights her unique approach to overseeing Bernstein’s newly launched 1.5 degrees fund:

  • a low net, long/short equity strategy focused on fundamental thematic stock investing around Climate Change technologies
  • seeks to synthesize thematic Climate Change research with fundamental bottom up stock selection
  • proposed themes include rising sea levels, shifting consumer preferences and increasing greenhouse gas emissions
  • a global concentrated portfolio, typically ranging from 25-50 positions (longs + shorts)

Hear how her experienced team looks beyond fads to themes that are truly global in reach, impactful by size of market opportunity and lend themselves to diverse portfolio construction.

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